The Beginning

Have you ever experienced an awful feeling in your guts when you’re forced in a situation you don’t want to be in? As if all you’re thinking is that you want to get out of there? Well I guess I was born with it. The first time I felt it, it was my first day at kindergarten. Not only did my mom forced me to wake up early, she forced my introverted butt spend DAYS surrounded by strangers. Hell no!

Little did I know that it wouldn’t be the only place where I would feel this way. But, as the years passed, I learned to repress this feeling. Because that’s what being an adult is all about, right? For a dreamer like me, the sensation is comparable to drowning. The problem was that it never stopped. I got lost over the years. Until, I hit the bottom.

That was at the end of 2015. I was working as an administrative assistant in a VERY toxic work environment. I was coming home crying 4 nights out of 5. At some point, my boyfriend sat down with me and told me that I could not continue this way. And he was right. Otherwise, it would have been a free ticket to the doctor. So, I used the money I got from selling my car to book a flight to Asia for 4 ½ months to take a break from adulthood and just live life for once.

I never understood why traveling was so therapeutic until I did it. Traveling made me realize that only I AM the one that chooses to be happy or not through my actions. And I chose that I would NEVER find a job in a toxic environment again. To make sure of that, I was going to create my own work environment.

In the meantime, I encountered some upsetting difficulties with my tanning. “I know. Like. AH MA GAWD!”

Anyway. Without getting into details, I was naked in the bathroom after a day at the beach. Changing into a cute dress when I saw MAJOR tan lines popping from everywhere. No joke. Even with lights out you could’ve seen them. OKAY! First world problem!

I shared my frustrations (complained) to my boyfriend. FYI, my man has quite a good sense of business. As I was ranting about my SERIOUS problems, cutiepie interrupts me and says: “Well, I think you found your business idea”. I shut my mouth to think it through. And just like that, the seed was planted.

I’ve been working on The Sunners since I returned from this life-changing experience. And now it's out!

In the end, I hope this journal inspires you strength and self-love through my story and the ones of wonderful women!

Founder of The Sunners

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