What is tan through swimwear?

Tan what? Tan through! You can tan through the bikini!

The Sunners - Collection 2017

Say whaaat?

By using a tan through fabric that blocks 80% of the UVA and 90% of the UVB, our bikinis offer a protection rated to a SPF of about 8-10. But, unlike sunscreen, the protection is constant!

The fabric is knitted to create micro holes that let a part of the sunrays go through.

Does it really work?

YES! And I can’t blame you for being skeptical. It sounds surreal!

To make sure it works, we tested multiple Sunselect patented fabrics, found the best and brought you the results.

With the prototypes done, Isabelle went to Curaçao and tried our now popular high-neck bikini top, and she came back with barely any tan lines!

Isabelle in Mexico
Photo credits: @isatravelphotography

Safety first ladies!

It is undeniable that the effect of the sun can be harmful to your skin and you should NEVER expose your skin without sun protection! Nonetheless, the sun provides many benefits to your body.

That being said though, I made these bikinis because, unless you’re living under a rock, tanning is inevitable and so are tan lines… until now. HA! Self-five!

In my experience with our tan through swimwear, if you want to minimize your tan lines as much as possible, you should put sunscreen every two hours on the skin that’s not already protected by your bikini to balance the SPF. In other words, just do what you were already doing. You were putting on sunscreen every two hours... right?

** You should know that results may vary according to the weather, your skin type, and the amount of time exposed to the sun (more sun without sunscreen = burned skin outside of bikini = tan lines = BAD!)

Our Story

My boyfriend (now hubby) and I went to Thailand together. I was getting ready in our beach bungalow

for our date night after a day in the sun… and I started complaining about my tan lines. And then, it struck me. what if there is a way to avoid those gigantic tan lines. What if I could get myself a bikini that lets my skin tan through it? For your info, going topless was not an option.

After hours of research, we decided to make this idea a reality.

I’d like to tell you that it was “that” simple. But it wasn’t. I wanted to create the perfect bikinis. They had to be comfortable. I also wanted quality and I wanted them ethically made. That’s why they are made in Montreal, in Canada.

The result is what I believe the most comfortable bikini I have ever worn. Plus, I went surfing in Portugal with it and I didn't lose my dignity in the water!

In the end, I hope you’ll like them as much as I enjoyed making them. Cheers!

- Annie, Founder

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